Dish Agreement Ending

No I’m not. I’m just laughing at how little they are offering to make people believe they are getting something of value.

Most people don’t even use the free PPV coupons when offered.

Most people who need a service call usually get a free service call after threatening to cancel if they have to pay.
No, most people don't get a free service call because most people don't argue it or have insurance or are talked into getting insurance, temporarily. As far as the PPV, not everyone uses Netflix, but it still comes with the Hoppers.
For someone who hates Dish as much as me, I find that hard to believe.
It was a complete joke. At first we were amused by the stupidity and laziness but then it got ridiculous. I finally told him to leave. He then asked me to sign the tablet saying that he completed the work. I called dish to let them know what had happened and to cancel the account after having dish for almost 20 years. Rep was apologetic and asked me to wait for someone higher up the chain to talk to. When that guy came on the line I realized that my time had just been wasted

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My current offer (I'm about 2/3 of the way through the 2 yr offer) gives me $25 in discounts.

If I apply the Dish 55 Exclusive offer, do I lose my other discounts?

Jim5506, if you are on the PCO, then you would have to wait until the current offer expires before looking into other exclusive offers. We would be unable to replace one for the other until the current promotion ends.
Just called this morning to regular customer service since my previous PCO expired this month and they told me there is no PCO discount available anymore. I'm on the chat line right now but I have 65 ahead of me!

Chat line person I talked to gave me this info. So it looks like the Dish VIP Support link folks are just like customer service.

We want to review all the best options that you deserve and this requires the attention of an account specialist. I encourage you to contact them for further assistance. Their contact number is 1-866-974-0769 and they are open between 7am & 1am ET Mon-Fri or 7:30am-Midnight Sat & Sun.

So I made this call and I'm #75 in line. I called the general number and selected disconnect and I'm #75 in line there too. So it looks like this is one in the same and will be a long process. They aren't going to make this easy....

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