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Jul 29, 2005
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My son has stopped Spectrum Cable and is using the new 4K Firestick to access my Hopper3 programming. He has Spectrum cable with speed of 100 Mb download and 10 Mb upload. I also have Spectrum cable with speeds of 100/10 Mb. Unfortunately he keeps getting a message “No internet connection - Dish Anywhere cannot detect an internet connection. Your functionalities may be limited. You will reconnect automatically when an internet connection is detected.”
He will get this message several times when watching my Hopper3 programming.
Yet he has no problems streaming Netflix or Amazon Prime content.
I upgraded him from the original Firestick to the new 4K Firestick but he still has problems.

On another issue, he wanted to watch the Bengals but Columbus, Ohio Fox has the Browns. Fox 45 out of Dayton has the Bengals. Dish Anywhere would not let him select channel 45 from the Dish Anywhere guide. I tuned to Channel 45 on my Hopper3 and he was then able to select channel 45 using Dish Anywhere. I have the new dual AirTV tuner. When I look at TV activity under options it shows OTA1 - Remote Viewing and OTA 2 - Living Room.

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Sep 8, 2003
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This is the easiest way to look for the problem.

Your son needs to try the 4K stick somewhere else, at someone else's house and see the results.
1. If much better or no problems I would look to his modem as the possible problem
2. if much better he should check the quality - not just the speed of his internet connection. There are online tests from a browser that can tell you that. Usually people using VOIP phones are most interested in the quality so a search for VOIP internet connection quality may find it.

3. If same problems it could be the upload speed of your internet. Check your internet and see what the actual upload speeds are.

I don't have an answer for sure for being able to get some sports channels on DISH anywhere and some not.
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