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Dec 16, 2003
N. Grosvenordale. CT
Hi Guys, I live in beautiful CT where we are in the beginning of getting an historical 6 or more inches of wet heavy snow. there is about a 1/2 in on the ground and on the bottom of my dish that is on the roof and, you guessed it, I have complete signal loss. This also happened Thurs. when we had an inch or so of wet sticky snow. I had my dish re-pointed in May after a new roof install, and the installer said it was a great signal and I guess it usually is. My question is, does the dish need to be re-pointed again or is this normal? Should I get a dish cover? I never had this problem much even with all the 54 inches of snow last year except for the heavy wet spring snow. Heavy rain gives me complete signal loss too and a lot of pixelezation. Any suggestions? I think it is a 1000 type dish.


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Oct 11, 2005
Western NY
I live in Western New York and get 250 inches of snow per year. Not much you will be able to do with the wet snow sticking to your dish except to clean it off. Some people use Supersoakers filled with warm water do the trick if your dish cant be reached from the ground. I Dont have any experience or have read much about the effectiveness of dish covers.


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Nov 20, 2004
You know I was semi-joking with my husband about a supersoaker when we lost signal Thurs. lol
That what I use. Dish is on the lowest part of my roof. I can reach it with a super soaker, while standing on my pool deck. Works great! I have it ready.
Already started snowing hard here in NE Mass.


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Jul 2, 2010
People have been known to put garbage bags over their dish for problems like this... Yes, it works too...


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Nov 14, 2009
Ayer, Ma
The heavy wet snow is a problem for sure. Alreadycleaned dish twice, snow started about 4. Super soaked is a great idea...if u can't reach dish any other way


Just had to clean it again!
Note "regular" snow generally doesn't cause problems for me...

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Jan 13, 2005
People have been known to put garbage bags over their dish for problems like this... Yes, it works too...

Just my own personal experience but this did NOT work for me. The 1st time we had a light wet snow it froze to the bag and caused complete signal loss until I took my life in my hands (feet???) and crawled across the snow covered roof to tear the damned thing off.:eek:Others have reported success with the bags and I can't explain the different results but no garbage bag for me! I've since installed 3 small Kats stick-on heating pads (made for engine blocks,etc.) one in the center and the other 2 at the bottom edge of the dish where the snow really collects on a 1000.4 dish. These are available from Amazon. Also generously applied Rain-EX. This has worked very well unless we get a VERY heavy sudden wet snow. Then if I don't want to wait for it all to melt off it's time to drag out the long snow rake that I've attached a small broom onto the end of.:cool:



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Nov 18, 2003
Los Alamos, NM
Beware you can get the "complete signal loss" message by having a loss of signal on the OTA antenna with or without snow. This despite not having either TV1 nor TV2 on an OTA channel. So be sure you have the OTA tuner(s) on strong signals or remove the antenna connection for the duration, if in doubt.


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Feb 7, 2011
Another reason I only mount on a pole on the ground. Had it happen with Directv, had it happen with Dish ...

my last house .. the original home owner had it installed on the front corner of the roof ... directly visible from the road in front of the house, when all they needed to do was put it to the back of the house and get 100% clear LOS to the sky .. I see something like that and immediately think someone was an ef*ing moron.. a roof mount ... hell could have bolted it to rear house wall if the original owner didn't want to pay the 50 to pole mount, but no.. front of the house at the corner so it would clear tree overhang ..

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