Dish in Edmonton


Feb 22, 2008
Hello All. New member to satelliteguys here. I have had Cband for many years and had digital cable and recently made the switch to bell expressvu. There is nothing on here but a bunch of junk and theres nothing really left on Cband. I want my hbo, MAX, starz, etc. Those channels sure put our MovieCentral to shame, and the new superchannel is in fact worse then Movie Central. My question is, Is it possible to get a legit subscription to either Dishnetwork or DTV in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada? What are the footprints like in the area? Am I too far north? And any providers up in the area that sell the signal? I cannot contact dish itself, as it tells me the number is not available in your area. I've herd the locals will not come in, as I'm not really into the american locals, just the premium chans. Also herd Bell ExpressVu equipment will work on dish, as all I need is the correct smartcard if receiver is reflashed. Thanks


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Jun 17, 2006
afaik, you either have to have access to a US address and a US based credit card for your billing or find a broker that will submit your payments for you. Unfortunaly, being in the us, I couldnt tell you anyting about the brokers, but I hear there are some bad ones out there. Best bet would to either search here on on google for canadian satellite broker.


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Aug 5, 2005
You shouldn't have a problem getting Dish in Edmonton BUT you will need a bigger dish. DO NOT get the dish 1000.2. You will have problems where you are. That is the dish they recommend for HD channels since it also picks up 129, but you will lose signal quality on all the sats. I'm speaking from experience.


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Aug 1, 2008
Is it possible to get the 129 signal around Edmonton. How is the signal, and what size of dish is needed?