DISH Network Offers 99 Cent Movies in Celebration of Independence Day

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Sep 7, 2003
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DISH Network Offers 99 Cent Movies in Celebration of Independence Day

Includes "Sucker Punch" and "Hall Pass," Available on DISH Cinema Nearly One Month Before Netflix and redbox

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., June 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- DISH Network L.L.C., a subsidiary of DISH Network Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH), today announced some of the year's hottest movies will be available for 99 cents on DISH Cinema. In celebration of the Independence Day holiday, from July 1 through July 7, DISH Network customers can enjoy five hit movies including the visually stunning "Sucker Punch" and the Farrelly Brothers' "Hall Pass" — both available nearly one month before Netflix and redbox — as well as Academy Award nominee for Best Picture, "True Grit," alien-action thriller "Battle: Los Angeles," and the Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler romantic comedy "Just Go With It" in standard or high definition.

"Offering the latest Hollywood hits for just 99 cents — a cost savings of up to $6 — is just another example of how DISH Network provides customers with an unmatched in-home movie experience at the best value," said Dave Shull, senior vice president of Programming for DISH Network. "We are pleased to continue raising the bar by offering titles such as 'Sucker Punch' and 'Hall Pass' several weeks before they are available on Netflix and redbox."

DISH Cinema offers customers instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows in SD, HD or 1080p resolution comparable to Blu-Ray disc. New titles are added weekly with many available on the same day as the DVD release and nearly a month before they can be rented through Netflix and redbox. Subscribers can order DISH Cinema movies by tuning to Channels 501 — 558, by visiting, or by calling 1-877-DISH-PPV.


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Nov 25, 2003
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I would rent from DISH all the time if the pay per views were .99 cents. I see groups of people standing outside of Redbox kiosks outside of Walgreens all the time, no matter what time it is, to get movies. Redbox charges $1.00 for dvds and $1.50 for blurays , so if DISH wanted to have that kind of subs it would be great. Charging the HIGHEST prices in the industry for Vods at $5.99 and $6.99 for pre recorded vods is stupid. DISH has the right idea to place them already on your hard drive ready to go ,but at the higher price they charge not many will buy them , unless they have money to burn. And how many people in this bad economy have money to burn?


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Jul 17, 2009
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For those of us that like mind-numbing sound and shoot everything in sight flicks, 2 of them are on my schedule already. And of course, as with all action flicks, I first looked to see if the critics hated them. That is a sure sign of a really entertaining flick!! :)

eddie willers

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Sep 15, 2003
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I have a 722 hooked to Broadband and have added an EHD.

I see where I can do an HD movie in the 500 ch. range....99 for "all day".
I also see where I can DL from the Dish Cinema section at 1080p for the same price.

My TV is capable of 1080p/24 so that is an option.

Which is the better choice?
Can I save it for long life to the EHD by either method?
Would the 'channel' option give me Closed Captioning ? (I fear 1080p download would not have CC)
Any 'pros' or 'cons' to either option would be appreciated.



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Having the everything pack I have become accustomed to waiting many months till the movies become available on HBO, showtime... ect. There are certainly times I would like to see a movie sooner, but I'm just not willing to pay $6.00-$7.00 just to have the convenience of not running up to the redbox or just waiting. I realize $.99 is not a realistic price for PPV movies but if Dish the dropped the price to $3.00 I would be definitely more likely to do it more often. Right now I am very willing to accept their offer, I too have already rented 2 movies just today. ( I'm at home on a medical leave so I have too much free time.)


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Oct 16, 2008
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inazsully said:
Nobody answered Shdobe so I'll ask again. Can you record these movies to your DVR's hard drive?

Yes. I rented "hall pass" HD version and If I remember, itwas a limited recording that expired in November I believe. If you start it though, you have 24 hours to finish it.

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Aug 11, 2007
Everyone is talking price but not content. I don't care how cheap the rental is if the movies offered are no good I don't want them at any price. I rented two, "Battle For LA" and "Hall Pass". "Battle..." was a typical action sci-fi flick with soldiers against alien invaders - so what else is new. Nothing unusual about the plot or its development and it is typical of this genre. But there was a great deal of action, non-stop in fact, and excellent sound. The scenes of LA in chaos and ruin were very realistic. I played it through my home theater which consists of Yamaha amp, 5.1 and a 1080p projector shooting on a 106" screen. It was stunning in both sight and sound and may be worth a Blu-Ray eventually for this alone. If this film were to be shown on anything less it would be forgettable due to ordinary script and acting. You really need the heavy equipment to get all of what this film has to offer in terms of the home theater experience.

"Hall Pass" was something entirely different with Owen Wilson playing, well, Owen Wilson, in his typical and predictable character, which is to say, self-effacing. The characters were all funny but their comedy came more in hilarious situations rather than clever dialogue. For example, "Hog Head's" use of a golf course sand trap for a litter box. For this reason I can't say "Hall Pass" was a great comedy but then again, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Gone are the days when a comic could say a line and in such a way that would have you rolling on the floor. Now, people want comedy in their face. The film is somewhat in the mode of another Wilson movie, "Wedding Crashers", but not quite as good overall.

For .99 cent each, I would recommend both of these from the list available. If they were $6 each, forget it.


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Jul 1, 2009
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I rented all 5 movies from Dish. This I would have never done it if wasn't for the 99 cents deal.
Now for the run down:
My wife and I enjoyed "Just Go With It". It was funny to a point, and it has Jennifer Aniston in it which is a "thumb's up" for me.:D
"True Grit" was also a good movie that my wife watched with me. She also enjoyed it, which is saying a lot, because it is so not her kind of movie.
"Hall Pass" was a movie I rented more for my son (25yo) to watch. I'm not big on Owen Wilson. I watched it with my son and it turned out to be a very funny movie to me. Owen Wilson, I thought was a lot better in this movie than his usual "Whinny ass, self". I really enjoyed this movie a lot.
"Battle: Los Angeles," I just really didn't get into. I might rent it again and re-watch it. So I really can't comment on the movie.
"Sucker Punch" I have downloaded but haven't watched yet.

The main thing here, is I got to see 5 movies. Out of the 5, I might have seen only 3 (the first 3 that I watched) if I waited for Netflix, but with the 99 cent deal, Dish made money off of me, and I seen some enjoyable movies because of Dish. Now Isn't that what a satellite/cable provider suppose to do?

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