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On Vacation
Jul 19, 2020
Upper Midwest
Has Dish finally put their piracy problem to bed?. I know after the Nagravision fiasco things have settled down. I know their was a problem with IKS (internet key sharing) with the newer FTA receivers. In fact some of the FTA receivers were of better quality compared to Dish. I am no way saying that people should steal satellite signals but wondering is Dish was able to lock the pirates out.

Not to cause this conversation to go off the rails, but I think Directv has secured their signals and piracy is not a problem over there.
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Aug 17, 2005
Pacific NW
This website doesn't discuss Piracy in any way or form so just a matter of time this thread will be locked.


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Apr 9, 2006
I would say that STREAMING SERVICES has had a positive effect for Dish in regards to a likely significant decrease, or perhaps virtually no piracy of its signals :).
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