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Oct 14, 2010
Hi Guys,
First time poster, over here in (Ireland) Europe where satellite is a little different to the USA. Just bought a house down in the Dominican Republic and am looking to pick up the Dish network service. Looking at the Anik F3 & EchoStar 14 satellite at 119.0°W, Conus beam and the B22 spot beam for service. First question, if I get the Dish Network package registered in a family members house in New York can I take the receiver down to the Dominican Republic, I know I will be able to pick up the conus beam but the B22 spot beam I am not sure of, is there a way of changing the Zip code to a Puerto Rico Zip code allowing me pick up the B22 beam. 2nd Question what is the best type of dish a prime focus or an off set dish. Over here in Ireland all that is used is offset dishes. 3rd Question does any one know where I can get a 1.5meter dish in the Dominican Republic. BTW I am in the satellite business over here in Ireland / UK if anybody wants any help or info from this side drop me a PM.



Mar 30, 2010
1.5 m dishes are advertised for sale in Dominican papers. There is even a factory in Haina. I use two 5ft on 61 and 72, no spots as my other home is Miami.