DVR Recording Problems with 722k


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Oct 21, 2009
This has happened twice now. I set DVR to record a hockey game on NESN (New England Sports Network) After recording for a period of time I go into my recordings and the program is listed and red record light is on, when I try to access to play back the program never comes on , the DVR locks up I can not go to menu and no functions work. It requires a reboot. After reboot it will lock up again if I try to play back the recording. It has only happened when recording on NESN. One thing I noticed is I have NESN HD on 5434 and also HD and Digital on 434 . NESN listed 3 times in program guide. Why is that????? I am not sure which channel I used when the problem occured. I am now keeping track of channel I use to see if there is a pattern. Is one channel prefered over another? I am in Providence , RI on Eastern arc.