Eight CBS-owned The CW affiliates to become independent stations in September 2023

well they are co-owned so that helps
But when it was applied for it had a complaint from KING
When it went on the air KING did had a local market agreement to help out even though it was owned by someone else. Belo bought it in 2000.
The KONG call letters were retained as a tongue-in-cheek reference to King Kong, which made both stations easily marketable together.
It's quite similar to the situation regarding ABC affiliate KAKE 10 in Wichita, Kansas, who has a semi-satellite, KUPK 13 in Dodge City, Kansas, with KAKE and KUPK being a play on "cake" and "cupcake."
More changes coming January 1st. CW is moving to Nexstar owned subchannels in Grand Rapids, Sioux Falls and Panama City.

In Grand Rapids it's going to be on WOTV/41.2, which DIRECTV already has in test mode on channel 42.

In Sioux Falls it's going to be on KELO/11.4 Sioux Falls, KDLO/3.4 Florence and KPLO/6.4 Reliance and share a common "CW in KELOLAND" branding with the existing KCLO/15.2 Rapid City

In Panama City it's going to be on WMBB/13.2
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Sioux Falls it will be on KELO (Nextar owned) and satellites KDLO (Florence) and KPLO (Reliance)
KCLO Rapid City already has CW on it
Only time will tell if Morgan Murphy Media decides to affiliate WBUP 10.2/WBKP 5.1 in Marquette, Michigan with MyNetworkTV for Nexstar to affilliate WJMN-TV 3 with The CW television network.

Doing so would take a few years of talks among both station partners (as well as a fe declines to renew affiliate contracts for the stations) and would better allign WBUP 10/WBKP 5 with their new sister station, WKBT-DT 8 in La Crosse/Eau Claire, Wisconsin, who also has a MyNetworkTV subchannel, plus Nexstar Media owns a majority of The CW, so placing that affilliation on WJMN-TV 3 (WJMN-TV 3 is a legacy semi-satellite station of WFRV-TV 5 in Green Bay, Wisconsin that is now a partial semi-satellite since 2013, now that station does its own local newcasts without mostly relying on its big Green Bay sister station to help) could help that Nexstar Media station, which is still struggling with the loss of CBS programming to WZMQ 19.2, when Lilly Broadcasting wanted a broadcast TV presence in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, with WZMQ 19.2 giving Yoopers a new choice for local news and CBS programs upon their launch in 2022.

I'm like everyone else on here, I'll believe it when I learn about it...it's going to be a monumental task that'll take Nexstar Media's equivalent of Rupert Murdoch and Barry Diller to shake things up for The CW (by flipping a few Nexstar-owned MyNetworkTV and independent stations to The CW), similar to the way those two guys did for Fox, by flipping various legacy NBC, CBS and ABC affiliates in the mid-1990s, if at all, if not, I can only dream...
Phoenix, Arizona's affiliate of The CW moves again as Nexstar Media strikes a deal with Londen Media's independent stations,
KAZT-TV 7 Prescott/KAZT-CD 7 Phoenix to move their programming to those channels on February 1, 2024.

KNXV-TV 15.2 reverts back to a full-time Antenna TV schedule.

KNXV-TV 15.2's affiliation with The CW was the second shortest time in Phoenix between an affiliation swap (3 months!) since former ABC affiliate KTVK 3 switched from being a short-lived charter affiliate of The WB (with secondary Fox Kids programming) to independent status after nine months back in 1995, due to KASW-TV 61 signing on that September...
CW's 2024 network affiliation switch in Tupelo, Mississippi:


WLOV-TV 27, formerly with Fox, now with CW.


WCBI-TV 4.3, formerly with CW, is now with MyNetworkTV, while Fox takes over MyNetworkTV's former position of WCBI-TV 4.2.

Has to do more with the ownership. Morris multimedia owns the cbs station (WCBI) and was running the Fox affiliate (WLOV) but they do not own it.
This change gives more power to Morris when asking for $$ from cable and satellite as they ‘own’ now both CBS and Fox.