Error 0001 or Did I kill my 522 when I moved it?


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Apr 12, 2004
I had my SBC/DN installed 2 weeks ago. Everything has been going great and I love the 522. I recently moved a couple things around in my entertainment center and didn't unplug the unit first. Later I discovered the sticker I hadn't noticed before. It warns to unplug the unit before moving it as you may damage the hard drive. Well, duh! I guess it's too late for that now.

So last night, the DVR started stuttering and acting odd. Today I turned it on and got an error 0001 message which says "serious error on your hard drive." The woman at DN customer service couldn't find the error code in her system and ordered a service call.

That visit wont happen for a couple weeks. Now it appears that I still get signal, but none of the DVR functions work and all of my recordings are lost. Also, for some odd reason, every time I turn off the unit, it powers back on after a minute or so.

So I may have killed my unit, but I didnt exactly shake the damn thing. Are these that sensitive? And why would it keep powering on?

Lastly, when the service tech comes to visit, should I tell him? Or lie through my teeth?
My opinion would be not to tell the service tech. Here is the reason why: If you were carefully moving the receiver around, it probably should not have failed. Even if you tell the service tech that you were careful, he *MAY* insist that you caused it to fail because it does have the warning on it. In other words, you may be held responsible even if it's not your fault that the receiver acted up due to being overly sensitive. I would not consider it a lie if you don't tell him because IMHO you didn't do anything that should have caused the hard drive to fail, if you were really being careful while moving it.
matt_armstrong said:
I had my SBC/DN installed 2 weeks ago... The woman at DN customer service couldn't find the error code in her system and ordered a service call.

That visit wont happen for a couple weeks.

Don't you just love long distance customer support? That is a totally unacceptable time frame for a service call, especially since you actually have two tv's effected. I would be ashamed of not giving my customers better service than that.

There is no reason you should even bring up the fact about moving it. Just let them see the hard drive error, and they'll swap it right out.
You might try unplugging it now and do a hard reset, probably wouldn't help but it can't hurt. If I was under DHA and was told I had to wait two weeks for a service call for their equipment I would tell them to pick it up and take it with them. Of course that is the type of service I got from SBC and why I replaced them as my phone company.
I have moved plenty of computers while they were turned on, heck, we even moved one of our big HP servers with 10000RPM scsi drive arrays from one room to another, while it was running, with a couple of ups's attached and a great big long network cable (downtime was NOT an option). Granted, we did not move it very fast and were extremely careful. About the only way to damage a hard drive, even when running is to move it very fast (or stop moving it, i.e. when it hits the floor which is why it was moving fast).

Unless you dropped it while you were moving it, I expect the failure is more likely delayed damage due to rough shipping, or something else that the hard reset might cure.

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