Eugene Spot Beam and pulling a local?


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Jun 18, 2004
Hi everyone. Just discovered this site. Thought I'd ask a question. I live in Medford Oregon. Here, we get locals (having my second dish installed on tuesday), but the local FOX affiliate apparently wouldn't sign with charlie. i say this because up till last week, when i typed in my address on the dishnet website, and viewed my list of locals, FOX was listed in red with a couple ** after it... which according to the footnote meant that they were negotiating for that station.

Well, today I goto check, and FOX isn't even on the list anymore. They've completely removed it.

So I ran a check at and FOX is a grade A signal. And it really is for me. It comes in clear as a bell with the rabit ears. However, I'd really like to not have to switch to the OTA signal every time I want to watch FOX, and I'd also like to have the guide info for it as well.

Am I just going to have to deal? Would a waiver for a distant of fox be completely out of the question?

What irks me is that Eugene, which is only 2 hours away, not only gets their locals on the 119 E*7, but they also get fox. Eugene's FOX would only be slightly less local than my Medford FOX (LOL) yet I surely wouldn't be allowed to get that one either.

Any thoughts?
i live in a grade a fox signal and i got the waiver so it wont hurt to try i don't think it cost anything ...if they don't respond to your waiver request within 30 days you automatically get the wavier at least thats how it worked for me
you have a pm blake. thanks for the tip.

funny thing is, is my Fox comes in really well OTA. i wouldn't really care about having ot pull it. but i REALLY REALLY like being able to view the guide to see whats on at what time. since i'm on a 301, as far as i know anyway, i can't pull guide data OTA.

i'd even be okay with JUST the guide info and not the distant net... for the national FOX. it might not be 100% accurate for my area, but at least for the major, prime time, shows it would be accurate.

so that, combined with the annoying fact that i'll have to hit the tv/sat every time i wanna watch something on fox, really makes me hope they'll give me the waiver.
you can call dishnetwork and request a wavier for distant networks but when they send the waiver it will be for all networks in your area i don't believe they do just 1 like fox and then after you called them and applied for the waviers you can check every so often at

at that link by entering your phone # (don't check this until about a week after you called dishnetwork to request the waviers) but then you will see something like this

Requested Station Network
Feed Waiver
Status Date
04/27/2004 ABC New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA Denied 05/19/2004
04/27/2004 CBS New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA Denied 05/06/2004
04/27/2004 FOX New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA Approved 05/31/2004
04/27/2004 NBC New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA Denied 05/07/2004

you will get the decisions within 30 - 40 days
if your local station don't reply to the wavier like my local fox did NOT you will automatically get it they have 30 days then it will be approved so sometimes the long you wait the better.

hope this info help.

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