Fox and Disney want to sell their own web TV bundle, via Hulu, for $40 a month


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Aug 5, 2005
Well, if the $40/mo includes the existing Hulu service, that's an $8 value - so if it only cost $32 "more" to get the bundle of live channels, that's pretty competitive with Vue. Of course I think people would expect Hulu to also provide authenticated app access, since Vue does.

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Aug 31, 2015
Disney/ ESPN & Fox have been notorious for jacking up rates on cable to a point many are cutting the cord.
Now they want to charge $40.00 for their few channel selection via Hulu.:eeek
Maybe it will fly and maybe it won't. I am not going to try predicting the future; however, this household will not pay for them and will do without.:music

Now the AT&T streaming that may come in the 4th quarter of this year, that may be enticing enough to test out depending on the cost since that may have a bunch of different channels in their offering. :hatsoff

If none of them pans out there is still FTA here which will be enjoyed till they pry the remote off of my fingers! :nana2

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Nov 17, 2003
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Since they dont have a complete channel list its all speculation as to if its a good deal or not
But its nice there is some competition out there


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May 29, 2007
Vue is already a pretty good deal and has DVR functions and a good lineup. Something Sling lacks. More competition in the space is a good thing and with data caps rising these services are actually viable for relatively heavy users. Win / win for consumers at this point.

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Aug 31, 2015
Since they dont have a complete channel list its all speculation as to if its a good deal or not
But its nice there is some competition out there

True they have not specified what they will be offering which is why I used "may come" & "may be enticing"in my post.

If these companies base their fees on cable fees then I doubt any will fly far as that is one main reason people are cutting the cord now. The fees will have to be much lower to entice people to give it a go. They are not looking to have people drop cable and go to streaming but are trying to win back those who have cut the cord already, and most of those have done so because of costs.

As far as competition, I believe that technology is dictating this change in the way people are viewing TV.
The newer TV's have much of this already built in them so why not take advantage of it.

We have had a special computer built just for streaming video on one of our newer tv sets here. Taking advantage
of what is available out there now has greatly enhanced out FTA viewing.
In another thread I have heard people say they would not watch a certain channel on their computer.
We use the computer we had built and watch that same channel here on a big screen TV, however we use the computer to steam that feed directly to the tv set. Just like any one else uses a FTA receiver.

The services that are showing up on the drawing board now by AT&T and now Disney could be the the beginning of a new way for any of us FTA'ers and those who have cut the cable cord already to gain access to a few channels that may want.

However once more disney is choosing to charge close to $500.00 per year for only a few channels which is outrageous IMO.

At least AT&T is hinting at a much lower cost possibly ad supported to keep the cost down but to date I have not seen an amount that they will charge.


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Sep 6, 2009
i like my Hulu No Commercials plan, IF the new service gives the option for no commercials and cloud based DVR service for all channels then i may give it a try. But it would have to be worlds better than Sling for me to keep it, we drop Sling after just 3 days due to the limited fit with our needs.

My biggest hold up would be the 40.00 cost. i already have Netflix, CBS All Access, Amazon Prime, Hulu NC and access to the sports and various other streams with a login from my parents' account. If i made this jump i would be right back up where i was paying DTV last year.


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Sep 4, 2004
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Cost is too much, especially without dvr, unless it is commercial free. It looks like they are just going to continue with bundling their channels, which is what most disapprove of. This looks like its just a tool to push people back to the ever increasing tv provider bundles
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