HDTV in a box deal available yet?


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Nov 25, 2003
Does anybody know if that HDTV in a box deal that Chuck briefly mentioned on Monday is available yet? I know that you guys all poo-pooed that deal, but it is a pretty good one. I mean 3 months ago the deal that was speculated was $1299 for the HDTV, the 811, and the superdish. Now the deal is $999 for the HDTV and the 811 and if you committ to a year(when HDTV is actually on 105 or 121 and it's visible) the superdish will be free. At $999, the TV is being priced at $850, that's pretty good.
You may want to check into the tv to see if it only works with an activated dish network subscription. I think I recall someone saying it had to have dish. Couldn't see this being true.
Yes it only works connected to a DISH receiver for HDTV it dosen't even come with a RCA remote they only supply the 811 remote for both TV and satellite. Do DHP for $49.99 and add any HDTV ready monitor and you will have a complete system. You should be able to buy a better quality monitor than the RCA's that DISH is using.
I heard that it will only work with Dish with the DVI connection, can someone back me up on this or will it not work with any other service period?
IIRC they refer to the DVI output on the 811 as "DishWire". Has anyone had success with connecting a standard monitor to that or is it only going to be useable with the one that Dish will be selling? Or is DishWire a different connector altogether?

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