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Dec 13, 2003
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While watching Discovery-HD's live HD broadcast of the Rose Parade, I noted that the HD PQ wasn't as good as some I had been watching. I'm watching a Sammie HLN507W DLP with a 720p native resolution and my 811 is set to input HD at 720p (what seems the logical set up).

Based on something I had read on the AVSForum, I entered the HDTV set-up menu on my 811 and changed the input setting from 720p to 1080i. Well, what a dramatic improvement. What is happening here is that the 1080i signal from Dis-HD is being converted to my DLP's 720p native resolution by the DLP's scaler rather than the 811's scaler. The Sammie's scaler is apparently superior to that in the 811 (for $3,400 more, go figure).

Now I'm leaving the HD set-up input on 1080i unless I'm watching ESPN-HD or ABC-HD (which I haven't been able to get OTA yet), which broadcast in 720p (the NFL on ESPN-HD has produced the most breath-taking HD I've seen to date; 720p seems the smoother HD format). It sure would be nice if the 811's HD input selector was easier to change than to have to go 3-deep in the Menu and down 4 clicks.

Anyway, I offer this up to other DLP/811 users who might be wondering why all of their HD PQ isn't as good as they had hoped.

Happy New Year!
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I just got a DLP and am still experimenting with it. I'm waiting on the 811 install (surprise), but I do have the Samsung OTA digital tuner. The ABC playoff games today were amazing!! My question is this: what setting should you have the output on your HD tuner/811 for the best results? If you have it set for 1080i and the broadcast is in 720p, will it make the adjustment? And vice versa? Or should you determine your preference and leave it on that one?

Also, when I have it running through DVI, I lose my aspect change ability? I have it if I run it through component though. But the picture is superior on DVI.
Shellbmb, Whenever possible let your display handle any downresolutions. Your display will almost always produce the better product.

When doing upresoulutions (720p to 1080i) setting the receiver on 1080i might be better than your set's upscaller. In my case I have a Pioneer 630HD and I leave the 811 set to 1080i. Even on OTA ABC-HD the picture is outstanding.

Everyone's settings will differ and only thru experimentation will you find the right settings for your display to produce the best picture. Have Fun with your new toys! :)
I like to feed my Sammy whatever the native resolution is for that channel. I feel the Sammy does a better job of converting the 1080i for display than the 811. Note that when watching 720p (ESPN ABC), if your 811 is converting to 1080i the DLP is convering it again back to 720p. That is a bad situation for PQ concerns.
Thanks for the advice. The ABC and CBS feeds this weekend were awesome!! If ABC broadcasts in 720p, do you know what CBS uses? Also why hasn't Fox joined the HD bandwagon?
shellbmb said:
Thanks for the advice. The ABC and CBS feeds this weekend were awesome!! If ABC broadcasts in 720p, do you know what CBS uses? Also why hasn't Fox joined the HD bandwagon?

CBS is 1080I, Fox will get on board by Fall of this year with 720P.
An interesting 811 enhacement would be a "native resolution" mode, in addition to the 1080i,720p ect.. The scalers in many of the HDTV monitors is likely better than that of the 811.

My only complaint about 1080i on my Samsung is a slight flicker actually it seems that the picture moves by one raster up/down, strangely more noticable on static pictures or the 811 menus. I believe it is the 811 outputting 1080i, no issues on 720p, svideo ect...

Any good reseller in SF Bay Area ?

OTA tuner sensitivity

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