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Sep 18, 2006
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Are you asking us how WE connect OUR receivers to OUR home network?

If so, I have it hardwired to a switch that is wired to my router.

If your 622 is not close to the router and you have a wireless network, you can get a wireless bridge/gaming adapter, set it up, and connect the 622 to that.


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Sep 9, 2003
how do you connect a 622 to your home network

Thats easy, you connect its ethernet port to your network. Networks can be very complicated so there are a few options that can add complexity.

The 622 supports two layer 2 protocols for network connectivity.

1. Ethernet on its ethernet port.
2. HomePlug on its power cord.

How it connects to a home network depends on the network connectivity options that are available. People usually have the following connections available in their homes.

1. Ethernet connected to a home router or
2. Ethernet connected to a Wireless access point (that has a router built in it).
3. A homeplug adapter that connects via ethernet to your router.

The 622 can connect directly to the Home Network using Ethernet or HomePlug. If you want to use WiFi, then you would need to get some WiFi to Ethernet bridge and plug that into the 622's ethernet port.


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Oct 5, 2008
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Mines Straight into a router. I have the DSL cable commin in behind the tv. then into a router then into the Vip-722 by ethernet cable. I used grey. I have my wires color coded so I know who it belongs to. My tv is Red.

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