Hooking up 2-322's and 1-522 (1 Viewer)

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New Member
Mar 8, 2010
Hi guys...I have the dish 500. It is hooked up to a dish switch DP34. To that are hooked a 322 and a 522. I want to add another 322. I have an extra DP34 switch. On the right side of the DP34 it says "To additional switch". Since there is no place to hook the third reciever on the DP34...can I connect the extra DP34 I have to the "additional switch plug", then plug the third reciever into it and it work...or am I way off base. What additional hardware would I need for this set-up to work? If it will work at all. Thanks in advance! mike
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Jul 14, 2009
Most certainly! That is exactly how it would be done. Cable, and fittings would be the only extra items needed. Just a reminder though. You will need two lines from the DP34 switch to the new 322. One to feed each tuner.
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