hopper guide update stuck at 95%


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Jul 23, 2012
mesa, az
Hello, I am new to the forum. But I have a question about the hopper. I am an installer for a contractor for dish network. Every hopper and joey install I do. The guide update always gets stuck at 95% and stays there for a very long time. I did reset on the receiver. It doesn't seem to help. So is there another way to get it to finish a lot quicker? I spend most of my time on the install waiting for the guide to finish updating. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!


SatelliteGuys Family
Oct 24, 2011
I have the people at the shop predownload the hoppers when they come in. I set up the dish first, point it with the bird dog, hookup hoppers and activate. The activation takes only 5 minutes. After i get a pic on the hoppers, i turn them off and start working on the joeys. By the time i'm done with the joeys, the hopper have the guide and the icons. So far so good at about 30 hopper installs. No problems so far.