Hopper no picture wont update guide


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Jun 24, 2012
Groveland Florida
Came home from work and the satellite wont work. The guide is stuck at the time I turned it off last night when I went to bed. I called dish and they couldnt fix it over the phone and are sending a tech out on the 4th. The symptoms are it wont update the guide and it wont tune into channels. And when you try to tune to a channel it still shows the time and show that was on the night before. Ive reset it to factory defaults and then restored it to the original backup the dish installer saved, and verified it has a good satellite signal and broadband signal. I unplugged the joeys to take them outta the mix and no change. I factory defaulted it again with out restore and its still the same. Ive run status checks on the tuners and the switch they all come back OK.

Right now im letting it sit unplugged from power, any idea of what I can try next?

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