Hopper with Sling remote antenna adapter


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Nov 28, 2020
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I got a new entertainment cabinet and it has narrow shelves. I need as much clearance as possible for the doors to close. I put a 90 degree adapter on the HDMI and RF inputs. The remote antenna input seems to have course threads and a standard 90 degree F adapter does not fit. Is there a 90 degree adapter for the remote antenna input?


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Oct 19, 2004
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The Hopper3 uses what is called an M10 round connector (I believe). You best bet might be to strip a piece of RG6 wire down to the copper core, cut it to approximate the length of the provided antenna and put it in the center connector of the M10 port. Since the antenna is already at 90 degrees, and adapter probably won't gain you much.

It sounds like you are putting the H3 in a confined space. I'd cut the back out of the cabinet at the point where the back of the H3 sits, otherwise you are going to experience heating problems in a confined space with doors on the front and a closed back. I'd also put a small fan of some type there to suck hot air from the area of the right side of the H3. Another possibility is to remove the door or put the H3 on top of the cabinet. It needs to be in open air so it can dissipate heat efficiently.
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Jun 14, 2014
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I was going to suggest bending a paper clip, and putting that in the antenna port. If that works, problem solved. If not, on to the stripped-down RG6 copper wire idea.

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