How do you connect TV1, TV2, and OTA Antenna to a Duel Receiver? (1 Viewer)

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Nov 21, 2015
Neenah, WI
I am in the process of trying to connect my TV1, TV2, and OTA Antenna down one coaxial cable. The easy part is using a triplexer when the wires come into the house in basement. My TV1 is my main living room TV, where the receiver box is located. For my TV2, I current have 2 TVs mirroring each other. I would like to connect all other 8 TV coaxial cables that lead to all over rooms to also be mirrored to TV2, even if there is no TV currently hooked up in that room.To remedy this I purchased a 8 port bi-directional cable HDTV amplifier splitter signal booster with passive return.

On the other end of the house, where the recover is, there is only 1 coaxial cable jack. The basement is finished and I cannot run a separate coaxial for the antenna. The Dish Network receiver I have is a duel receiver. How it is currently setup I have a triplexer by the box, one cable goes to TV1, the other to TV2, and last one goes to the distribution port. I need one more line to run to my antenna port on the receiver. I would think I need a 4-plexer or quadplexer to make this happen. When searching online I could not find such a thing.

Please send me any of your suggestions.

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