How to feed external antenna to TV2? (1 Viewer)

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Apr 29, 2008
USA (Full time RV'er
How do I feed the external antenna to TV2 with a 522? My set up is a Dish500 with twin single feed LNB's. I have a TREK TV42 clip on amplified antenna mounted on the dish, I use a diplexer to separate the antenna and dish signals at the receiver and feed the antenna line into the antenna input on the 522. This setup provides OTA lacals to TV1 only. After reading the 522 manual it appears that the antenna signal is not fed through to TV2. Would it be possible to use a diplexer to insert the antenna signal into the TV2 output? My local channels are all below the channel number (ch60) I use for TV2 reception and should not interfere with the dish signal.:confused:
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It is really not all that hard, you need two standard splitters costing about $2 each. Use the first one just before the antenna input on your 522. You then use the second splitter in reverse (works as a combiner) with the second line from the the first splitter input into the second splitter. The current coax run from the 522 is then hooked to the reversed splitter to the second tv. You then have to rescan the channels into the second tv.
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