How to get a 6 TV set up


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Jun 15, 2004
My brother just bought a new house & wants to get Dish. He has 6 TVs.

Would it work if he got a DP+44 switch, 2 model 322s and 1 model 522 with a Dishpro + separator on each receiver?

And am I correct that he would then only need one cable from the switch to each receiver if he uses the separators? Then simply run one coax from each receiver to a 2nd TV?

Would this setup let him view different material on all 6 TVs?

Does the DP+44 need a special LNBF? Or is the standard Dish 500 fine?

I haven't done any research since I installed mine 7 years ago and am quite out of the loop nowadays on how things work.

Any help would be great guys.
That would work but I am not sure E* would let him have 3 x 2 tuner receivers under DHA. He may have to get 1 x 322, 1 x 522 and 2 x 301's or 311's. Does he have 5 or 6 people in his family with a need to watch and or record 6 different shows at the same time? He might be able to get buy with a 322 and a 522 by simply running both TV2 rf output cables to a 2-way cable combiner and then connect that to a 6 way distribution amp or splitter, this way your main TV could select your 522 from its A/V connections, his 2nd TV could access his 322's TV1 with A/V connections and all 6 TV's in his house could select the TV2 rf outputs from both his 322 and 522 by simply selecting a pre-sellected uhf channel's like 25 for the 322 and 27 for the 522 for example. If he is not receiving channels 3 and or 4 via ota or cable he could also use a channel 3 and or 4 channel combiner(s) to connect TV1 rf outputs of either or both of his 322 and or 522 to the distribution amp as well, this way all 6 of his TV's could have the choice to select 3 or all 4 of his satellite tuners for complete flexibility. This type of setup would allow the flexibility for future TV additions too.
DHA is limited to 4 Tuners so he could get 1-322 & 1-522 under DHA he would have to buy an additional DP-34 switch and Two receivers about $300 plus installation labor. If he went with Directv and current promotions he could own 6 basic receivers and a 8 way multiswitch for around $175 or 5 basic receivers and a TiVo for around $250.00

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