HWS hard drive crashed over night.


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Dec 3, 2004
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:oldmad:oldmad:oldmad Man I'm pissed! All channels work but no DVR related functions will function. Can't pause or rewind live TV and all recordings/timers GONE! DAAMMMM! Was working fine as of midnight last night and this morning el'zappo! Tried everything to restore it but nothing works. Tech coming tomorrow to install Hopper 3 but which I look forward to but it really hurts losing a bunch of recording and a lot of timers. Luckily I did move my favorite stuff to an external but I can't even access that so they BETTER still be there. :oldmad:oldmad:oldmad
That happened to both my HWSes, about a month or two apart.

I don’t recall it happening to my ViP722s, but may have. Hmmmm. Maybe it did, and that’s why I moved to the HWSes.

Happened more than once to my ViP622s.

Happened several times to my 721.

Never happened to my 508.

The 301s were rock solid! ;)
I've never had this happen. I've had this HWS for 5 years and it's been great. Maybe that's a good run for one of these. I had 2 622s before and they never failed. I hope to be happy with the Hopper 3 I'm getting for $100.
You must not have had an early production model of the ViP622. Those had physically weak HDMI connectors.
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My HWS had a hard drive crash for at least a year before it actually died . I would unplug it and restart and good to go. When it finally did it’s final act I believe it was his heart not his brain after all that did him in . I am still using the hard drive from it as a storage drive.
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Mine was definitely a brain malfunction. It was making a clicking sound when I plugged it in that it never made before. Then I got a hard drive error message on screen.
I did have a weak HDMI port on the 622 navychop. I settled for the component outputs instead.

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