I just called the CEO of Viacom....

i can just imagine it, just like the corona commercials. hes sitting on the beach in the bahamas, looks at his phone vibrate, and skips it like a rock into the ocean as he lights up his cigar with a bunch of flaming $100 bills. then he'll return to the office, look at his msgs and laugh as he knows what kind of a clusterf*** he caused. :smug
An interesting irony

After reading several of the collection of threads regarding the dispute between E* and Viacom, I surfed to the Viacom site to see if I could find their position in the matter. In their corporate announcements I found a press release dated January 22nd. The author indicates that they were pleased that a court granted their request to extend a preliminary injunction and TRO to March 3rd. It was their indication that this was beneficial because it would "ensure that no football fan is denied the opportunity to watch the Super Bowl on CBS".

They follow this by saying "Our priority is reaching our viewers and making sure that they get the channels they love no matter how they choose to receive them". Maybe its their opinion that placing that scrolling bar across their feeds is just another way of reaching their viewers and making sure that they're pressured to get the channels they love no matter what the cost? :D

Dish net ever getting YES??


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