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May 10, 2008
First off, I apologize for long post. I am about to sign up for dish service. with 24 month contract but I have couple of problems/concerns.

1: I live in apartment (I do have authorization to monut) but I will be moving in to another apartment. Is DN gonna have problem or will they charge me for installation in new place once I move in next 4-5 months ?

2: How does DN handles serivce if new apartment doesn't allow dish mounting/ or dish is unable to be installed at new location?

3: should I get 722 now and pay $7 HD enabling fee, or will I be able to upgrade for free in next few months?
I have 2 SD TV right now, but I am saving and will be buying HDTV in 4-5 month(when moving to new location). I will be upgrading to HD contents. Sales rep advised me to get it now otherwise dish will later charge $300 for upgrade. Is it true?
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1. Dish Mover.
2. Cancellation fee was $13.33 per month for each month left on contract, heard it was lowered to about $10 per month but am not sure.
3. HD programing can be viewed down rezzed to sd and is viewable as such on an sd tv. HD Essentials pack is $10 so why waste $7 on the enabling fee. Should be better to get now as Dish will not allow any upgrades for 12 calander months and the 722 would be a lot less now than trying to get one later.


Aug 16, 2007
dish will move you for free to your new apt and you will need to make sure the apt complex you move to will allow dish to be installed and you get an apt with southern view so dish can get you a signal as far as getting the 722 now yea it would be a good idea since there would be a cost to upgrade 4 or 5 mths from now its not $300 to upgrade would be $200 and the cancel fee on a 24 mth contract is $10/mth x the remaining months in the contract
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