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May 21, 2004
Do not let a company called ALTERNATIVE ENTERTAINMENT (AEI) do your installation they rescheduled on me 5 times and do not no what they are doing the installation had to be done over by another more reputable company. My wife is missing some jewelery that she believes the person from ALTERNATIVE ENTERTAINMENT (AEI) stole but the police are taking care of that.

Dish network is a great service but some of there installing companies are costing them greatly

Rchicken I am sure you do not know what quality is since you work for Alternative Entertainment (AEI).

06/04/04 The police arrested a regional manager and 5 tech's for stealing from different houses in my area. They are now investigating the owner(s) for there role
Well, I can't vouch for everyone, but the two guys from Alternative Entertainment that did my install for the HD package did a spectacular job. Just as good as the original install of the dish and wire runs. I do admit though, I was kinda leary of them when they showed up, they did not look professional at all.
SimpleSimon said:
Might've been a "training" run for one of the guys.

Sorry, should of stated they were delivering my TV also. They were in and out in about an hour, they unpacked everything, hooked it up, checked all features, then even wiped the floor when they were done. But like I said, when I saw them pull into the driveway (well marked DISH van), they didn't make me wanna invite them for dinner or anything. They also took all the packing material. Again, nothing is missing from my house. But strangely my neigbors dog is gone.... hmmmm.....
what wrong with having two people working together to install a satellite? That is the way I do it and it greatly speeds up the install and helps to have two heads when doing some aspects of the install and troubleshooting.
If anyone is in the Wausau/Minoqua/Rhindlander/Tomahawk area you can contact an outstanding Dish retailer called Stargate Entertainment in Tomahawk # (715) 453-9030.
Wisconsin Sat Man said:
Two people? Its not that hard or efficient.

It sounds like you take things too personally if someone doesn't agree with you. Geesh, just let the thread die and keep on the police on recovering the jewelry. I'm sorry I didn't have a horrible experience with AEI and could empathize with you, but hey, I had a positive experience overall.
Real mature man. Seriously just cause I disagree with you I MUST work for AEI then right? If you must know, I work for Graphic Packaging http://www.graphicpkg.com as a network administrator. I am kicking myself for even replying to this as this thread has become pointless and your intelligence (lack of) is quite obvious as you just resort to childish behavior. I do hope you get your wife's jewelry back and for you sake, I hope AEI did it since you have slammed them so much and accused them just short of libel/slander.

You know, the more that I think about it, it sounds like you work for a competitor to AEI.
nothing wrong with aei

i have worked with aei for a long time and never had any problems with people calling in. aei is the best in the industry.
I have to agree with wisconsin sat man

My first installation was done by aei and they didnt have the right equipment and had to come back three times. I finally had dish network send a company to my apartment that knew what they where doing and everything is working great no thanks to aei.

avoid aei at all costs!!!!

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