Installers Never Showed, No one ever Called, What to Do?


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Oct 2, 2003
So I was scheduled for an install this morning between 8am-noon. I of course have to take a half day off of work to do this. No one ever showed, I called Dish multiple times. Finally, they said the installer called and left a message about my item (811), not being in stock and needing to reschedule for next week. My answering machine has no messages, and I left an alternate phone number that they decided to ignore.

They try to offer me a free month of HBO for my troubles, meanwhile the rep tries to reschedule me for a 5 hour slot on a weekend. I ask them if they would like to give up that much time on their weekend, and what would they do if they didn't show up. I also mention that the installer says he won't have any 811's in stock until next week, so how could they try to reschedule me and screw me again! They just apologized and said there's nothing they can do.

Is that true? Am I pretty much screwed here, and I just have to try again? The last time I had dish come out and do this, it took them 3 times to get it right, and I'm just fed up with it. Even speaking to a supervisor didn't help.
You can have my 811. Thats how ticked off I am at it. It has so many bugs and issues that its not even funny. The aspect button only displays two modes, Normal and Full Zoom. Not good for my RPTV. It has an issue with fiber output. It has an issue with no open TV. Do you really want the 811 with more bugs than features? Now I wish I hadn't sold my 6000u
Same thing happened to me today. Was scheduled for an 881 install tomorrow morning. They called 811s in stock due to the snowstorm. They rescheduled me for 12/17...Bad move...the more i think and read about all the 811 problemss, i may just cancel my order.
I hope this is a NE snow storm thing and not nation wide, I live in Sacramento anyone in California having this issue?
Well, the Dish Store can get one to you tommorrow if you want to pay full retail. ;)

If you want the special deal from E*, you'll have to put up with their games.
I live in california, so I don't think its a storm thing...I'm not that concerned with the Bugs, the problem is, I coupled it with a 510 install as well, so now I have to wait to get both installed, initially, I was going to get the 510 installed, and I put that off so I can do them both together, and now I've already waited one day because no one ever called to cancel, and I'll most likely have to spend another 4-5 hours waiting for an installer...

After talking with a couple supervisors, they have told me they will credit me one months programming since they did not contact me ahead of time...and are still trying to work out their issues with the installer...
hmm what part of CA? I hope not Sacramento, I will be pissed. I would rather have it and all its bugs then nothing at all. plus that Laker HD game tomorrow sounded really good!! I signed up the first day this offer was avalible, called at like 2am in the morning, and I got the suposed first avalible install so I hope somebody else didnt get my 811 :evil:
Yeah, I called fairly early on the first day as I'm not sure,...while I would like to receive my receiver asap, i'm more upset about sitting around for 5 hours!!!
I would request one month of programming credit for each time they did not show and have them put that on the notes on your account then call back to confirm that those notes are on the account, if you can even get them to do that. I dont have my customers take time off of work to have the system installed or serviced because that just costs the customer more money by taking time off from work.

Can you use the 811 on........

Unpowered 811 Pass through of OTA signals

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