Is Dishnetwork in last now?



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Aug 25, 2007
I would say overall, DISH is still first in my book. Having seen what I am "missing" on my neighbor's DirecTV HR20, I find the overall DISH experience to still be superior.

Will I miss BSG:Razor in HD? Yes.

Other than that, I don't think I am missing anything by having DISH instead of DirecTV. Both are certainly far ahead of cable. My one channel request would be /SPEED/ when it comes out in HD.

I second your sentiments. My brother has D* HR20 and I wouldn't trade my 622 for any amount of HD programming on D*. I am also looking forward to SPEED HD. With E*, I am currently getting more HD than I could possibly watch. TWC and Speed are the only 2 SD channels I watch.


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Jul 12, 2004
I agree Speed and TWC are the two that need to be added between now and Feb. Seems to be a lot of sentiment for Sci Fi, but I have rarely watched that in the past.

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