Joey Works Without Coax Cable?


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That is true and since MoCA uses coax, it's no extra training (at least as far as running coax) and most homes already have the coax installed throughout.

I think that OPTIONS to use other methods are a good thing though, but I doubt that Dish will ever support or install other methods.

MOST homes??! I think not. I know of no home that has coax throughout(What a joy that would be to have that.) In my case, power plug is the next alternative. My300mps group is working fine to support the broadband on my Hopper, as well as a repeater for the household WiFi. I have no Joey, since I just have the one TV

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Aug 21, 2013
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Will techs get dinged because they connected a Joey over a customer's home network instead of approved coax?
Has anyone run any test to see which offers better performance Ethernet or MoCA?

First lets start with the getting "dinged" as of right now I am unsure if dish can really tell and they never told us "not" to.
BUT this is the hopper! They change software ALL THE TIME. This includes disabling features and adding features.
So on that note if you do several installs using the wireless then dish disables this feature then you just got a TON of trouble calls.
So in a way you got "dinged" majorly!
Also just like all routers every now and then they need restarted. If the customer does not know this then you just got yourself ANOTHER trouble call!

On what one works better. " Coax or wifi" It is FOR SURE coax. Just like everything direct connection is always faster!

Let me put this out there that you DO NOT have to be connected to internet for these to work! It is just like a home network all you need is a wireless router and a wireless adapter in the joey.

Some people are saying they think it will slow down your wifi. You are correct! It will slow down your wireless internet. The most I would ever put on a house is 1 because the more you have the more it will slow down!

ALSO I have seen techs trying to set it up on wireless WITHOUT first connecting it direct when installing. THIS CAN BRICK THE JOEY!

We have tested this multiple times and all I can say for the techs is ALWAYS USE WIRED CONNECTION!! The extra time fishing the wall is more then worth it in the long run.


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May 5, 2007
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BUT this is the hopper! They change software ALL THE TIME. This includes disabling features and adding features.
But we're talking about how the Joey does its business and that's a lot less a function of changes to the Hopper software. How often do Joey firmware changes come out?

I suppose it would be possible to use some manner of reverse firewall to keep the streaming traffic off the wired network but I certainly can't imagine why.