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Dec 2, 2006
We 625 owners know about the extra 50 hours through this forum. However how will the 625 owners who do not read this forum know how to dance to get the update? Just wondering for dish seems very quiet about the update. I know I do not watch Charlie's chat. So I wonder how many others do not watch. I would like to think if dish wants the 625's updated they would not put us though the dance and somehow make it an automatic update if possible. They have enough smart people to deal with this problem. Time will tell for all the forum readers only a few are able to get it at this time and they know the steps to the dance.
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Jun 3, 2006
West Texas (midland)
Good point, alot of us wouldn't know squat if we didn't come here. They should have some sort of feature that show's incoming mail/system annoucements on the recievers. I think even my old direct tivo unit did something like that.
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