L510 Bugs


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Supporting Founder
Mar 20, 2004
Lacombe La
OK back to factory default. Won't add OTA until I hear there is a new revision of the SW.

And as an added bonus.... My EHD is now unauthorized and receiver wants to reformat it.

Thanks E* software team... I REALLY appreciate your hard work and attention to detail.


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Nov 18, 2003
Los Alamos, NM
Have 511 on 722.
Was trying to watch an HDNet recording in single mode and it kept putting up message to up/down/recall a channel I obviously was not watching. Problem found to be the swap tuner was set to local Fox OTA with inadequate daytime signal. changed to PBS and no more trouble.

Lesson learned: do not leave on a channel that may go away even partially. This was not the recall channel but rather the swap channel so it was hard to find.


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Jun 20, 2008
OTA channels working yet?

I had the same problem with my 722 trying to acquire sat signal. I did the factory default and reboot and got the signal back. I haven't added the OTA's back yet. (Actually, I got Dish Network to give me two free months of locals while they fix this problem) I really want to add the OTA's back, but don't want to until the problem is fixed. Does anyone know if it is safe to add them back yet? Also, how can I check what software update my receiver has on it?


Jun 27, 2008
New Orleans
L511 + OTA = Dead 722

L511 killed my 722 on June 17. It seems that if you add OTA HD locals, and then reset or pass through the 3 am update, the box gets stuck in the Acquiring Satellite Signal loop. (never gets past 3 of 5)

If you reset to factory defaults, and don't add OTA, it works again.

The worst part is I called for service and they replaced my box (taking all my stored programming away with the old one) and the same thing is happenning.

I should have come here first to see that it was a software problem and not a hardware problem. Too bad the DISH representatives were equally ignorant.

Shout out to NOHDjunkie whose description matches mine exactly and was the first indication I had that I was not alone.



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Mar 5, 2006
Same boat here. I can't believe Dish doesn't say anything about this stuff when you call them. Now I have a new receiver on the way, and all that was wrong was the OTA was messing it up after a new software release??? I did the factory default and reboot, and mine works fine now. I just won't add locals yet. So now what should I do about the new VIP 622 that is due to arrive Monday??? And they are going to add 14.95 to my bill for shipping. Should I just keep my original one and send the new one right back? Can I email someone about this? I think it's BS that now I'm out 14.95 for something that could have been fixed over the phone.