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Jul 4, 2018
So far no loop or anything on Frndly TV. I wish they would add the station & guide data so we could begin scheduling recordings. Me TV doesn't allow them to use the 72 hour lookback feature, so if you don't have a recording set you can't go back and watch anything on the MeTV stations.
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My local station WJRT 12.7 shows guide data starting 6am. So does my CHANNELS dvr guide for it. I've already set a bunch of passes for multiple shows.

My Tivo Roamio doesn't have guide data for it as of yet, and likely won't for at least a week. Though the promo stuff is running on it.
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Looks like my local station is pulling the west coast feed... others are reporting the channel is on the air showing Captain Planet.
I checked and here in Chicago it is not the loop - there was a commercial on. So I assume it is live, but I wasn't able to stay to check. Had to get to work early!

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