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Sep 18, 2007
So I saw the uplink report Wednesday, most of Memphis' HD is made available. I called Thursday to get a dish for 61.5 ordered and Memphis HD turned on. After talking to "May" for about 45 minutes, who told me HD wasn't available, then it was and I should be getting it, then you'll need another dish, to I'll process that order after charging $55 to your credit card, I finally spoke to someone in Technicial Support. "Justin" told me that I should be able to receive my locals in HD and to turn to one of them. I told him I didn't have a dish at 61.5 but he insisted that I do it. So, I humored him and told him that I had no HD there. He seemed confused and told me that they might not be available to me. I agreed since I can't receive the satellite they are on. He then asked if I had rabbit ears, and told me that I should be able to receive HD that way. Yeah, I can, but I'm trying to get them through Dish. I explained to him the problems I had with "May" and asked if that was right. "Justin" said no, if the extra dish is for HD locals there is no charge. I asked him if he could do that. "No, that's not the case here." Why not? "It appears your HD locals haven't been turned on yet." He mentions something about his computer showing Memphis at 129 and 110 but he can't seem to be able to pinpoint the problem. Neither can he tell me when they will be available. Anyone else have these kind of problems? I know the 2 channels that used to be owned by Clear Channel are missing, but why couldn't I get the other 3?
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Feb 6, 2008
Hernando, MS
I called today and I have a tech coming out on July 8th (at my request) to install a 61.5 dish. The first person I talked to was foreign and tried to get me to agree to $99 without a contract and $59 with one. I said no, you have to do it for free. She transferred me to a nice lady in Colorado, who put in the order. She did not charge me or extend my contract. Just be a little pushy mixed in with some niceness and it should work for you.
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