Mitsubishi 65" not going into 1080 mode with 722k


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Mar 8, 2010
New install - The mitsubishi 65c9 will not go into 1080 mode with the 722k rcv

Any suggestion?

I have tried both hdmi and component out of the 722k
1080p or 1080i?

1080p is only for certain ppv movies or VOD movies right now on dish.
If you are trying to get the receiver to push 1080i to your tv, you will need to go into the HD settings on your receiver and set it to 1080i, it may be set to 720 right now.
could be a poor hdmi cable? the rcvr and tv have a conversation when you try to change res and if they can't agree you drop back to previous setting.
It is working now. I hooked the 722k up to a LCD tv and selected 1080i on the 722k. I then took the HDMI cable and hooked it back up the the MITS. It it working in 1080 now on the MITS. :)

Thank you for your suggestions.

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