need help hooking up a vip 722k receiver


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Aug 19, 2010
hello everyone, I have had dish network for 9 years. We have had a 550 DVR receiver and just purchased a vip 722k which will give us dual tuners. I called dish to activate it and they gave me a big line saying I had to have a professional installer come over. I am very quick at learning anything electronic and want to know what needs to be done to update my equipment. My dish on the roof is a dish 500. The dish employee was saying I need a new switch (I think that is what she called it) and that the new MP 4 format requires a totally different hookup. The 722k manual made it look really easy, because they don't use the smart card anymore you just call in and give them the numbers to activate it.
I hope I don't sound too stupid but I hate to pay a guy several hundred dollars to do something I know I can do.

Please help anybody!


SatelliteGuys Pro
May 11, 2010
If you will subscribe to HD programming, you will need a new dish. If not, you can just hook it up yourself, depending on what equipment you have now. What dish do you have now, what satellites are you pointed at, what LNB is on the dish...If you let us know what you have, we can better answer your question.

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