New Directv install, Do I need a Multiswitch? (1 Viewer)

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Sep 7, 2009
Charleston, WV
Hello Everyone,

We just purchased a new house and decided to go with DirecTV.
We had DirecTV at our old house and after using Suddenlink for 1 month we are going back to DTV.
DTV is coming to install at our new house this week.
They are setting up 1 HD DVR and 2 standard Receivers. I would like to add our other HD receiver and DVR to this setup from our old house.
Would I need a multi switch to do this? If so, what model do you recommend and where is the best place to purchase it?

So in the end I would like to have installed:
1 Standard DVR
and at least one maybe two standard receiver.

From what I have read this might work:

What do you think?

Thanks for any help,

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Joe Diamond

SatelliteGuys Pro
May 3, 2004
You have the right idea.

The dish they will use will be a slimline appropriate for your area. This will have multiswitch capability for four tuners. (2 tuners per HD DVR) Beyond that you need an additional multiswitch.......probably the WB 6x8. This will require one cable line per tuner.


You have identified Single Wire Multiswitch material that the installer may or may not even know about or have on the truck.

The SWM (Single Wire Multiswitch) allows for the use of the splitter you found to serve up to eight tuners with one wire each.

Either one will work but they may charge you for the SWM stuff because it is actually developed for Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) installations...(apartments and bars). It is more expensive but will eliminate running some cable.

Now is the time to decide exactly where you want every receiver. Older equipment is not compatible with the SWM system so make sure you let them know your plan before the installer arrives. Special orders do upset them.

report how it goes.



SatelliteGuys Family
Jan 6, 2010
Des Moines
Typically speaking those technicians are paid a certain amt for the install. After the first receiver they get a certain amt for each additional receiver. I used to work for the corporation before switching to a retailer. They are normally willing to do things like this, but i can almost guarantee that you will be charged for it
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SatelliteGuys Master
May 5, 2007
Salem, OR
Tell DIRECTV specifically what you want to end up with (all of it, not just what you think they might need to know). Make sure they understand specifically what model receivers you plan on bringing to the party.

Installers work from workorders generated by DIRECTV and dropping surprises on them is a sure way to sour the relationship as pointed out above.

Did you cancel DIRECTV or did you suspend?

You may be able to save yourself time, money and frustration by letting DIRECTV deal with everything. Don't make your satisfaction your problem.
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