New Dish customer. love it, but DVR?


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May 15, 2004
Just stumbled onto your site, this site is awesome. wealth of info.

Anyways, i just subscribed to dish, got the 811 receiver, awesome.

the guys i signed up with also said they can give out free DVR. but during my initial research, dish will charge $5 extra a month to allow the dvr functions so i skipped it. When i walked to a friend of mine, he said his PVR, i doesn't pay ANY monthly fee. (i forgot what model receiver he has but it's PVR/Dish receiver built into one).

What gives?
utexex79 said:
also I believe the 721 dual tuner dvr is not subject to the fee

Yes, the 721 doesn't have the fee. Dish has a promo where current subs can get it for $249. You may check with your dealer and see if you can get one at this price. I don't know if you can since you are a new sub. If not you may check out -
If you sub To America's Everything Pack with Dish you will avoid any dvr fees as well. If you truely love Dish and movies this is the best pack to take . Over 39 premium movie channels from Hbo, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz. Not to mention the Encore and The Movie channels , Fox Movie channels AMC, Turner Classic Movies and Independent Film Classics( These Encore channels , AMC, TCM, IFC all come with the top 180 ). I have subbed to this pack for years and I always have something to watch especially with a 721 dvr.

I also recommend taking a satellite magazine to look up the movies you want to record. Like Dish FLicks or Dish Entertainment Guide. I use the OnSat magazine wich breaks down the movies by each week which is easier and more accurate to look up the movies.

As far as the 721 dvr. I have three and there is no fee and I love the menus and interface. This fall namebased recording features ( like Tivo ) will be added by software update. Right now they are$ 249.00 from the installer who installed you but I think you have to be a customer for over a year. The has the 721 for $329.00 for the 721 and no commitment to Dish and NO TAX on the 721 if you live outside the state of Florida and no shipping and handeling. The best Part is that Mark at dishdepot takes trade - ins toward the purchase of the 721. A 301 will fetch you $25.00 and 501/508/510 will fetch you $100.00 . A 811 will get you 200.00 towards the 721. I have done business with Mark for the last three years and he is great to work with. He pays for you to ship the old receivers back for credit on your new receiver.

I hope you like Dish and enjoy your service for years to come. :)

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