new to form/ ques on tuning...


Oct 6, 2008
i am new to the forum, and just learning things as i go.
reading ques...and asw...

i would like to know about tuning in a pansat 2700a
i have downloaded and installed the latest update a couple months ago for the receiver.

i recently have a list from with the frequency range and signal range.
but i don't beleive it is acurate, because of ever changing technology, ect...

when i go to program in the frequency, and the signal range, most the time i don't get all the channels that i expect to get.

i have gone to lyngsat and tried some stuff from there, but not much success.

i have a 10' + dish and am using an old anolog reciever as a mover.
the pansat is not hoked up to the servo motor, but the old receiver is.

the feedhorn is a regular, co-rotor c-band feed.

how do i tune the networks in that are fta.? and what frequencies do i need to use, or what method should i use?

some i can get and some i can't get.

thanks for any input in advance!


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