NICE AND EASY: Do you need a B-Band Converter for a KING One Pro?

Every so often I get a question from a customer that makes me think: why isn’t there a blog article about this? Here’s another one of those cases. A customer of ours was setting up their KING One Pro for the first time and asked if they needed a B-Band converter. The easy answer is “no,” but it’s a great opportunity to explain why that answer is what it is.

What is a B-Band converter?​


In the early days of DIRECTV’s high-definition service, the company realized that the then-current receivers wouldn’t get signals from the then-new satellite dishes. They simply wouldn’t be looking at the frequencies where those signals are. So, they came up with a solution: the B-Band converter. This simple device took the signals used for DIRECTV’s 99 and 103 satellites and made them visible to any receiver. Those signals come off the satellite dish in the 200-450MHz range, which is referred to as the “B” band. This converter shifts their frequencies to the 900-2150MHz band, referred to as the “L” band. That’s where all DIRECTV satellite signals have been since the beginning. You connect this converter between the satellite line and the receiver, and it “just works.”

In 2009, DIRECTV introduced SWM technology which made installations easier. It did away with the need for a B-Band converter, but if you still used the older, non-SWM system with your HD dish you’d need those converters.

What does this have to do with the KING One Pro?​

Honestly, not much. The KING One Pro simulates the simplest possible DIRECTV system: the 18″ round dish. You’ve never needed B-Band converters to use that dish, and you don’t need B-Band converters to use the KING One Pro. However, there’s no explicit message on the setup screen telling people not to use them. So, you can’t blame people for getting a little confused.

What happens if you do install B-Band converters on your KING One Pro?​

Here, the answer is pretty simple. Your system won’t work. You’ll get satellite signal errors. Taking off the B-Band converter should fix them instantly.

What about the KING Quest? Does that need B-Band converters?​

The KING Quest is a simpler, lower-cost version of the KING One Pro. It does a lot of what the KING One Pro does but without compatibility with other systems and without the durable transparent cover. Some people opt for it because it’s just a little less expensive.

The answer here is the same. The KING Quest doesn’t require B-Band converters either.

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