No adding New Channels if you have a work order pending? (1 Viewer)

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SatelliteGuys Guru
Dec 1, 2003
Ridgecrest, CA
So here's a weird quirk of the DISH system. I ordered a Vip622 Feb 14, of course I got a far off Install date (march 14). No suprise there. But now that my NBC waiver finaly goes thru so I can get an east coast feed of NBC they can't actually turn it on until March 14th because any added channels get attached to the install. And so the only way to turn it on today would be to cancel my install (obviously a bad idea). Or at least that is the answer I got from Exec Support and Tech Support. Seems like a pretty bad system but what else should I expect I guess.

Hope you guys with a 2 month lag on your 622 install date don't want to change your programming.
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