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Feb 15, 2010
Sun City West, AZ
Ok, this is for sure not a slam against Dish but a slam against NBC. I can't understand why NBC is showing major Gold Medal events on NBCSPORTS channel and not on the mother ship NBC. With Dish you need the 250 package to get NBCSPORTS. Today the women's gold medal soccer match featuring the USA and if you don't have NBCSPORTS you can't watch it. So far I think I've seen one men's basketball game not on NBCSPORTS channel. I actually thought that Dish might have turned on NBCSPORTS channel for all packages during the Olympics. I don't blame them but it would have been a nice gesture.
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Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
Newington, CT
From the talks I have had, it was NBC's decission to keep the channels in the Top 250 package.

It was DISH's idea to let people upgrade to the Top 250 for 30 days then drop back down within 30 days for no extra charge so people could see the olympics (and hopefully decide to keep the Top 250 package)


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Isn't there an Soccer Specialty channel for the Olympics?

The NBC Olympics website says the live game and replay are on that channel.

Although, it doesn't matter, as I forgot to re-connect my damn sling adapter! I might be able to run home, and set it to record, though.

(And, nobody post who won, please. My wife and I will figure out a way to watch later, and don't want to know until then.)
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