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Sep 16, 2003
I got an email last week that my statement was avail. But for the last week all i get is.

We are unable to access your statement at this time.Please contact the Customer Service Center at 1800-333-DISH(3474) to review account details with a Customer Service Representative.

Anybody else having the same issue ?


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Jun 8, 2006
Denver, CO
Midday 10/02, I was able to download both of my accounts. They are also working today.

After going to your Statements, there are 3 different parts:

(1) The Statement Page will show your Billing Statement with Account Summary.

(2) At the top of the Statement Page, you can click on the Please "CLICK HERE" and download a PDF copy of what was mailed to you, including the enclosed flyers. If no payment is/was due, a statement will not be created nor mailed, and it will say " The copy of your monthly statement is not available at this time.".

(3) Or at the bottom of the Statement Page, you can click on "VIEW ALL ACCOUNT DETAILS" and go to another page that will give you Account Details including an itemized list of services.

If you have a credit will the system not generate a statement ?
Dish will not generate a Statement if you do not owe them any money.

So... If you pay a year in advance and it is not a yearly subscription price, they will credit your account and not send you a statement during the year. However, if the spouse, kids, in-laws, or Dish makes a mistake, and charges you for other services (PPV, Repairs, etc...), they will deduct it from your account and you will not, maybe never, know about it until you get a bill several months later showing you don't have enough funds left to cover the current month charges.

Too bad they don't come up with a "DishHD Yearly Subscription" and a "DVR Fee Yearly Subscription". If they did, I would purchase DishHD and pay a year in advance, and stop the 2 paper bills I get every month.
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Well Dish?
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