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Feb 28, 2009
Hi. Visited my mom tonight and learned that she is having OTA issues. Dish contacted her about the OTA antenna and they came out and installed it on June 1st. She told me today that since the OTA install, she has not been able to watch OTA recordings until the next day. She gets a green dotted bar that goes on and on when trying to get to the recordings.

I called Dish and they restarted her receiver. After the restart, the OTA shows did play. I assume that is why she can watch them the next day because the receiver restarts each night.

I’m not convinced that anything has changed and expect that she will have the same issue tonight and tomorrow. It could be the older HSW that she has. I have an H3 and have no problems with the OTA recording.

Has anyone seen this issue? I don’t want her to be frustrated so thinking of resubing her to Dish locals if this keeps up.

Edit: she is on U714. Tried to force U715 but it didn’t pick it up when selecting upgrade software.
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Sep 9, 2003
I have that issue with one channel but only when i try to play it ona joey. If I even start to play ot on the Hopper i can then play it on the hopper.

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