Pansat 2700A ( Blind scan Reciever)


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Oct 4, 2004
Down South
I picked up a couple of pansat 2700As, I've put the latest software from pansat
in these units. I want to sell one of them, maybe both, I'm looking for a coship 3188c to buy, that is if I sell one of these units. I've checked this unit out good, works great. Comes with original box,remote control, manual, asking 90.00 shipping is included with that price, in lower 48.

P.M Me if interested in this receiver
3rd time in the last month I've missed out on stuff. Maybe the mods can send an automatic e-mail to everyone when someone posts an ad? :)
Under forum tools, there is a subscribe to this forum option, with email notification. Not sure how it works as I have never used it, but it's there.

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