Paying bill online and wellsfargo


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May 29, 2004
I like to pay my bill online and have wells Fargo bank.
I also like to use the checking debit online option.

Only thing is the layout or format has a fluke, if using wells Fargo checks.

Wells Fargo checks have a 4 digit check number in the upper right,
but on the checks bottom, the account micr into, its a 5 digit number.

So if you have a check # 1234, on the account strip its coded as 01234.

When entering this info online, with dish billpay, theres a box asking
for check #, then a long box saying to enter all the numbers along
the bottom of the check (micr numbers).

So the dish billpay chokes on the info because you are entering
a 4 digit number in the "check #" field, and end up entering a 5
digit number as the check # in the account info entry field.

So what is it??? Should I enter an extra "0" in the check # field?
Or drop a zero when entering the bottom route/account/check

I have never figured out what will work, or what their system is happy with.


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Aug 17, 2007
Richmond, VA
I can never get the online setup to work with credit cards. It will never complete the input (won't validate the card). I just call them whenever I need to update it.


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May 8, 2007
I had the same problem last month. Cost me $10.00 because Dish added that extra 0 to my account # and the bank , of course, said no such account number. Not sure what will work. If I ever do it again I think I will try skipping the extra 0 when I enter the routing/account number. I think they need to have separate fields for the routing number and the account number.


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May 29, 2004
yes they also charged me too, and said I can not use cheching bill debit for 6 months.
And... all because of "THEIR" error!!!

Just because of this I'm calling directv monday too check their current deals.
And possibily dump dish. Is this anyway to treat long term good customers?


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Supporting Founder
Nov 18, 2004
Los Angeles, CA
So if you have a check # 1234, on the account strip its coded as 01234.

That won't matter a bit. As long as the routing and account number are correct it really doesn't matter what's in the check number field. Personally when I come across these debit systems that require you input a check number, I have a whole second series of numbers I use for tracking purposes plus I don't waste or duplicate a paper check number.

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