PBS Won- stopped orginal Super Dish plan?


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Oct 2, 2003
(updated see last post to understand logic)

Is this true?

They cant take your Dish 500 when they install your Super Dish, becuase we will all need our Dish 500 to get the must carry stations that are stuck over the wing sats over the ocean like the on at 148 degrees.

I know that cant hook my Dish 500 that I would point to the Wing Sats (148 degrees) to the Super Dish yet becuase the do no thave that new Switch out.


I may want to unplug the cable from my Super Dish and plug in the cable to my Dish 500 pointing to 148 so I can watch those special TV events that are only on the non network channels.

In my case, in Nebraska my PBS is ONLY avl at 148 degrees. They over have State sporting events that I watch.

So am I correctly, that they cant legaly take my Dish 500 under the must carry laws in this scnenario? (I currently do not have a 2nd dish pointing to 148).

Or would I have them take the Dish 500 one day and then call dish to get the free install for the 148 degree sat for my PBS and make them bring it back the next day as a mean thing to do?
For the must carry channels at wing slots Dish Network is required to provide you a free dish and free installation of that dish at that wing slot (in which would be a Dish300) to receive those must carry channels. If they put in the terms of the promotion that you would be exchanging the dish in return for receiving the SuperDish and installation for free and the customer agrees to that then it would not be stealing but you do make a good point about keeping that Dish500 to be able to receive 61.5/148, that you would think that you would be allowed to keep it if they dont put in that dish for must carry channels for you right away, but then again Dish may say that you should have done contacted them to get those locals by having the free dish installed and that they can arrange to have that Dish300 installed.
My dealer days he hasn't heard anything about Dish wanting your old equipment. But he doesn't have all of the Superdish details yet.
How can they do a SuperDish install with a side sat (61.5/148)? There is no DishPro switch that will do four birds yet.

So if you are doing a Superdish upgrade AND you are in an area where the part of the locals are on a side sat, Dish can't comply with SHIVA for you. I bet the NAB is going to have another fit about this.

They REALLY need to get that DP44+ switch out. I wonder if they are going to have to rev all the receivers software again to support it. It would have been smart to add this capability during the "Superdish support" receiver upgrade that has already happened. Does anyone know if DP44+ support is in the current software? If not, it could really slow down the release of that switch.

that's why superdish is only rolling where it's needed. i.e, the new local markets and they have no must carry as they are all on 105. when hd content rolls or international on the 121 bird, the plan is for the 4-4 dish pro plus switch to be done. on a side note, the 4-4 is supported with superdish s/w update from what i've heard.
Hi, I hooked up a DP21 switch after my DP34 switch and the 508 receiver showed that is was a DP44 switch so I am guessing that it is already set up for it.
In the retailer business rules, it does not say any thing about the customer giving up any equipment. When I used to do 500 upgrades I would only take the equipment left over if the customer said to take it.
Will there be a solution for those needing to see 5 satellites at the same time? 119/110 for core, 148 for side locals, 61.5 for Sky Angel, and 121 for International once those are all moved there. I hope they don't make you choose between Internationals and HDTV.
Also if the install becomes beyond basic in which there would normally be an extra charge for installation perhaps the installer could offer to take the Dish500 to compensate for it.
Looks like the Nebraska PBS won.

I heard from a freind that works there that they were theatening legal action.

The Nebraska PBS is on the Wing Sats. The Iowa PBS which can also be seen is on the mains.

If they did there orginal Superdish plan, you would NOT be able to get the NE PBS as the new Switch was not out yet.

Now with the new superdish plan, they are happy again.

Could this and other examples like this been one of the reasons for the change in plans?
I'm in Central Nebraska and want a SuperDish. Where and when are you getting your SuperDish?
ScottChez said:
Looks like the Nebraska PBS won.
I don't believe E* cares about a potential lawsuit over a problem that would have been fixed by the time it could have got into court.

The ONLY way Nebraska PBS could change SuperDish would be to have some liberal judge issue a restraining order preventing the sale of SuperDish in that PBS's DMA. And that STILL would not affect what E* did outside of that area. In other words ... no new HD for Nebraska because of an injuction --- not the prevention of placing new channels on 105.

Nebraska PBS had nothing to do with the change in plans.

Then why did Echostar send someone to meet in person with NETV PBS in Lincoln last week?

Odd 811 wording...

Is there a list of which 10 locals--by end of year?

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