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SatelliteGuys Pro
Mar 22, 2008
OK, I searched, but "pip" doesn't help, and I can't search with the word "in." While in pip on the 722, can you get audio over head phones on the pip channel?
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SatelliteGuys Family
May 8, 2008
Lansing, MI
I posted this elsewhere (see below), but it works. I'll have to look at my setup to get the exact connections, if you want it:
I use my TV's PIP when my wife wants to watch one of her shows. I have Dish and split the output from TV2 to also go to our main 46" 16:9 HDTV. She uses remote2 and wears wireless headphones (feed TV2 audio to wireless base) to watch her show while I'm watching my show with audio. This works nicely for SD shows with each 'screen' like a 19" set. The SD shows actually look good like this. I don't do this for HD shows...
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