PlayStation Vue Goes Nationwide, Starting at $29.99 in New Markets

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  1. Unfortunately we can only read that informative post here, since it was deleted(like many others) at Cordcutters.
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  2. The internet never forgets ... though to be honest, I didn't think he'd actually delete it. I will now not only read CCN's posts with a grain of salt, but the comments as well.
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  3. Well, the comments are typically where you get a better sense of what's truly going on anyway. That's true with many sites.
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  4. Tonight I successfully watched 3 different shows, new episodes of original programs, recorded from 3 different AMC channels without any issues fast-forwarding or other issues. So I'm leaning toward glitch at this point and not a new restriction on DVR playback controls.
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  5. This is good news.

    To be honest, I am surprised the IPTV DVR wasn't some form of personalized VOD library you've "tagged" for "x" amount of time with a few ads. I'm happy to see a true DVR set up (even if cloud based) & hope it stays that way. VOD is ok as a standalone feature but I don't want it merged with my DVR.
  6. It just occurred to me, why would Sony go to the trouble of implementing a restriction on fast-forwarding DVR'd content when it has yet to fill it's allotted ad slots on various channels? I can't tell you how many times I see during a commercial break the blue screen with PS Vue logo in place of an actual commercial.
  7. In theory, that could also have the opposite impact where they explore other ways to get revenue out of current advertisers. They pay more to ensure their ad is seen regardless of live, VOD, or recorded.

    Not verifying it happening in any way, just playing devils advocate there.
  8. You can duplicate the FF issue if you don't have show added to favorites. This was something I figured out a long time ago when I also thought FF wasn't working.
  9. How is a show recorded to the cloud DVR if it's not added to favorites (My Shows)? Why would you expect to FF if it isn't? (I'm not talking about VoD content or "Catch Up" shows with this issue since we know FF is disabled for those options.)
  10. With Fire Tv all shows are recorded to cloud for up to 7 days. (Everything) and can be watched even if not added to favorite shows. FF won't work here. Only shows added to favorites does FF work from my experience.
  11. if I am understanding you, only shows you "recorded" (added to favorites/my shows) have FF capability. If that is what you are saying, I do believe that is correct. I have only tried VOD instead of a recording once, Into the Badlands I think it was, and with VOD I could not FF. Once I added it to "my shows" to record, I could FF just like on a physical DVR
  12. Correct FF won't work on most other material. (Only if added to favorites) I think this is where the confusion arises, those thinking it's been disabled. Best way to solve issue is just add everything you might watch to my favorites.
  13. So again, if Sony has changed the DVR within Vue, it would seem because more programming has become On demand. I just know the choice of which to watch started popping up a few weeks ago.
  14. It sounds like you are talking about those shows labeled "Catch Up" in the guide, which let you go back and watch, often until that date cycles out of the guide, but without allowing regular DVR functions. I guess technically they are recorded in the cloud to access, but I don't consider them DVR'd shows any more than I consider On Demand content as such (especially when it's not added to My Shows). It's just another nice option if you miss something. Also note, not every show in PS Vue is available for Catch Up.

    I've seen the choice for some shows pretty much since I began subscribing to Vue last summer. Maybe the system is doing a better job of giving the option for more shows that we are setting to "record" (adding to My Shows). In some cases, on demand may even be a better option, as I've noticed after one week (or even less), some on demand shows drop the forced commercials so you don't have to bother hitting the FF.
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  15. No problems fast-forwarding Preacher this week, so definitely a glitch.
  16. No problem for me on The Strain or GOT either.
  17. I noticed yesterday Vue updated the guide slightly on the Fire platform. Subtle changes (I will have to look this evening to see exactly what it is), but it did seem to improve the speed and loading of the guide somewhat.
  18. So if I bump up to GB service from Cox and get a 2 TB Cap and stream tv full time say 10-12 hours a day would I use that cap up?
  19. Maybe, we use the Roku for all our Home Entertainment ( Vudu, Netflix, Hulu, Playstation Vue ) and as of right now we are at 1038GB.
  20. hmm, well they gave it to me 10 bucks more per month..Maybe Ill wait on the streaming.