PlayStation Vue Goes Nationwide, Starting at $29.99 in New Markets

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  1. I purchased and set up a Roku Premiere+ last night, and I have to say how sorry I am for those whose only experience of PS Vue is via the Roku app. I knew it was bad (no guide), but oh my! Even the PQ is a bit of a step down from the PS4 Vue app, though video content from other sources on my new Roku looks great.

    It's been a year and I can't understand why this hasn't been addressed. Is it Sony's or Roku's fault? I've heard a number of people say they switched to Sling for this reason, and now DTV Now is available on the Roku, and eventually Hulu. If it's inattention on Sony's part, they only stand to lose more customers as the problem persists. I get a free month of DTV Now with my Roku purchase. I wouldn't switch until DTV Now has a DVR, but if I can get the channels, including locals, I need for a comparable price, I'm open to the possibility.
  2. I think it's a limitation for Roku at the moment.

    I do agree though, I've checked it on there and the app interface is bad enough, but I also thought the pq was below the fire and Android TV apps.
  3. Free HBO/Cinemax weekend on PS Vue:
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    Been reading a lot of complaints about the price going up $10 a month at other sites so I decided to check out both Dish and DirecTV's prices.

    To be able to get all the channels I get with Core I had to go to higher packages, for example DisneyXD ( must watch is Star Wars Rebels ) and BBC America is only in the top 2 packages at Dish, FXX starts at XTRA.

    For Dish Top 200 package with 4 boxes including DVR service-$94.99 a month for 2 years.

    DirecTV XTRA Package with 4 boxes including DVR service-$70 the first year, $124 the second year, plus a local sports fee of $4.53 (and we have only one sports channel-Fox Sports).

    So with that I am pretty ok with paying Vue $45 a month in 3 months.
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  5. Unfortunately, it's making me lose hope that PS Vue will ever add CBS Sports Network or the PAC-12 Network, even as part of an add-on package.
  6. Update: The PS Blog comments have been updated with an official comment from Sony stating that out-of-market live games won't be available nationally through this package.

    Mary Taing said:

    July 25th, 12:08 pm

    Hi, the Sports Pack Add-on features multiple channels with live games. However, for the national feeds of the regional sports networks, you’ll get the sports programming available, but it does not include live games.​
  7. The only thing that I care about is the NHL Network once hockey season starts, but I believe that they will get that one before the NHL season starts for 2017-18.
  8. . Yeah I saw that, looks pretty useless than
  9. You didn't include how much the bandwidth to fill four TVs worth of PS Vue was going to cost (since you were comparing against four-TV satellite service).

    I'm not convinced that your comparison takes all the factors (especially DVR functionality) into consideration.
  10. For myself, I did not change my internet at all, and I was not bundled.

    So the savings are just that. Savings.
  11. PS Vue gives me DVR functionality on every screen in my house without paying monthly for a whole home DVR system + additional equipment. Heck, I don't even pay for DVR functionality and I get DVR functionality. With cable, I had DVR on exactly one TV in my house and was paying $20+/mo. for the privilege, including box rental.
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  12. I pay $70 a month for 1G Broadband from Comcast with no data caps which is the same price I would pay if I had DirecTV or Dish so I do not understand why that would matter.

    And the DVR works fine and easy to do.
  13. I still have issues with the ends of shows being cut off especially from FoodTV and HGTV. Im using AppleTV. I hope this is fixed soon.

    Also, over the last two weeks i had an issue where two different shows didnt record for some odd reason. It just comes up with an error.

    Oh well, price for trying to save money.... and i get no locals through them, yet
  14. I see the whole sky is falling crap about the Vue DVR was overblown.

    I can still FF through commercials on every channel like I always could. The guy that runs Cord Cutter news is a joke.

    He tried his hardest to discourage people from getting Vue. He still hasn't ran a new story saying everything is fine.
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  15. CBS reportedly added to Houston market. We now have all 4 major locals. Now I can factor in an additional ~$42 in annual savings as I would have paid for CBS app during football. I'd save roughly $440 annually now IIRC.

    Worth noting the Texans NFL pre-season game was blacked out for many here locally... on ABC :eeek(confirmed on a sports forum I follow). Reportedly preseason rights differ & Sony claims this will not happen in season.

    So this week I did a test run on IPTV. I often work from home and I use data, VPN, Cloud apps, & VOIP heavily. I was worried that added PS Vue to that might be too much & impact my work. I decided to run my current Dish Anywhere app, YouTube, Watch ESPN, & NHK quite a bit this week in my office while working. I experienced zero issues with my data/VPN/Cloud Apps and had no VOIP QoS or jitter issues on calls. I then conducted several test calls with employees to ensure my clients weren't just not mentioning it. Another step towards me making the jump towards Vue!

    I was originally thinking of using Roku Premier but not now after reading above. What do you guys recommend?

    My living room TV has a built in Chromecast, my upstairs office/media room has a PC directly hooked up to my TV. I do have a spare independent Chromecast as well. I don't mind buying boxes (Fire, Android TV, etc) if the experience is better from a PQ or remote/GUI standpoint. No Apple is my only requirement :). What is the best viewing method overall and what is serviceable at the best price?

    Also, any issue with bitrate and watching live sports? I've seen a few big complaints but think it might be their LAN, Internet speeds, or smart TV set up.
  16. I am not going to even consider Sling, PS Vue, DNow, etc. until they actually manage to get my locals and a fully functional DVR. On-demand sucks. I'll check back in a couple of years I guess.
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  17. . Don't buy a Roku for Vue, the experience is poor. You want a Amazon Fire tv
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  18. I tend to agree. Of course a playstation 4 gives you the best experience but after that I recommend Fire TV or Apple TV.

    I dont like Roku overall. The interface is cheap