PlayStation Vue Goes Nationwide, Starting at $29.99 in New Markets

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  1. I can tell you Vue is 60fps on fire TV.

    I know for a fact on the fire TV box. I assumed it was true on all their devices. Fire stick included.
  3. Interesting. I watched a fairly recent YouTube review & it was obviously at 30 fps. The scrolling ticker at the bottom was jumpy. That's an easy way to spot it. This article is 5 months old. Perhaps it's changed since?

    Are you eyeballing it or have another way to confirm?

    Also, regarding a previous comment, my better half also will miss Hallmark come Christmas season but we can do without it.
  4. After reading more, it does appear that the fire TV stick could be stuck at 30fps with the fire stick only.

    All other devices seem to now be at 60fps.

    I am not sure why the stick would be different as it does support 60 on other services.

  5. I thought a firmware update was pushed to the Stick a while back to implement 60fps?
    Maybe not.
  6. I believe it's Fire TV that has the app for Hallmark. Can probably see all the Christmas movies there if that is her concern.
  7. You still need a cable subscription to sign in. Three options. Hallmark is releasing a stand alone pay app in the fall. Amazon has stand alone channels that have Christmas movies or you can sideload Kodi which has an official Hallmark addon.
  8. The Hallmark app requires sing-on credentials to a Cable/Satellite/Streaming subscriptions to access content. Also, the available shows and movies are very limited.
  9. I'd pick up the Fire TV box as it looks to be more responsive with the increased horsepower. Happy to hear they're both 60 fps now.

    Thanks for the tip on Hallmark a la carte upcoming (October). Article link below on this. Seems unclear on exactly how this $5.99 per month app compares to or compliments their soon to be 3 cable/satellite paid channles. If they're smart, they'll have the monly service adding new content as it airs on TV. They'd see a ton of revenue come in Q4 for the holiday movies. They'd get money from Mrs. Jago for sure. Will have to wait on some reviews next month. I don't think she'd pay it to watch previous year's Christmas movies. She'd want access to the new stuff.

    TCA17: Crown Media to Launch Hallmark Drama Cable Network | Multichannel
  10. PS Vue has added CBS Sports Network and a family channel. CBSSN was the ONE channel I most wanted to see added, as it airs the majority of my college team's games (I may have mentioned that a few times in this thread ;) ). I was surprised (but now glad) it wasn't part of the $10 add-on sports package introduced earlier this summer.
    PlayStation Vue Just Added CBS Sports Network & 1 Other Channel - Cord Cutters News

    EDIT: I've confirmed it is in my Core channel package. Can't be bothered to check the new kids channel, however. :p
  11. I was going to update that earlier but had no internet.

    A solid addition
  12. It looks like the kids channel is Sprout rebranded as NBC Universal Kids, and it's only for Ultra and Elite packages.
  13. Well, Go Navy! Kind of pissed that last week's Navy game wasn't on demand.
  14. Very nice add.

    Might finally kick up my trial this weekend. Dish bill back up $10. Time to call & negotiate price might just be a call to cancel. How's the Vue web version? Have a PC directly to TV upstairs. Recommended or required browser? Typically a Chrome user.
  15. When the PC browser for Vue first launched, I had problems with every browser I tried (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) - buffering, freezing, crashing, etc. on a relatively new Windows 10 laptop (8 GB RAM, i5 processor, Hybrid HDD, and 2 GB VRAM, ac WiFi). But in the past few weeks, it now seems to be working fine on Edge. I don't use Edge for anything else, so Vue is my home URL for that browser. I haven't tried the other browsers since I noticed the improved performance. Overall PQ looks better as well.
  16. I was wondering when you try the PS Vue for the 5 day free trial how do you cancel if you don't want to keep the service
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  18. @ Stephen, You go here if you don't want it after trial:

    Start Free Trial or Manage Subscription | Live Streaming TV and Local Channels | PlayStation™Vue

    Well, I officially made the leap over to PS Vue TV this weekend, canceled satellite, and using streaming IPTV OTT only.

    Pairing Vue with CW app, PBS app, free YouTube, & Netflix. I'll also be trying out free movie apps like Crackle, Tubi, & Popcornflix. Netflix being the only other paid app at $10 option. Thinking of starting a thread for those free movie apps if we don't have one.

    In the Houston market, they now have all 4 major local channels live as mentioned. This is important because my location requires a serious OTA setup for locals via antenna. Plus I can record locals on Vue (no need for OTA + TiVo). My Dish bill also went back up to $93.40. I would have call and threaten to cancel to get it down to $83. I just called and ended service instead.

    During football season I'll be using the Core package which is $44.99, and then I'll move down a tier to Access for $39.99 the remainder of the year (no ESPN 2, ESPN U, or SEC Network). There are some serious channels in there for $45. I'm very impressed.

    Only drawback so far is the 28 day DVR versus unlimited days on local storage. If I've had a recording for over month though, odds are I'm not going to watch it anyway.

    My annual savings will be between $540 to $615 depending on exactly how taxes come out (if any, depends on market) and making sure I bump down tiers after football for a bit more savings. No contract and the ability to freely change channel line ups is awesome. I cut my annual TV cost in half while still keeping some service year around.

    I'm using Chromecast to stream the live TV, on demand, & cloud DVR. I will eventually pick up an Amazon Fire TV box as well to have a more typical, remote experience. Thanks for the recommendation there. I was surprised the PC/browser side isn't more developed. Chrome & Firefox gave me issues. The stream ran rock solid in Edge which is what was recommended. I already own Chromecasts so no added equipment costs to start up and no carrier box rental fees [​IMG].

    I've always thought IPTV was about 80% there but there's been significant leaps recently. Overall great move for our family. Took me a couple months of creeping on this thread :).
  19. What internet company do you use?
  20. I have Fidelity high-speed broadband internet
  21. I have Comcast. Get 200+ mbps consistently. My data cap is 1.04TB. I should've ever hit that.